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Effects of sevoflurane and ischemic postconditioning on the expression of MG53 (A), PI3K-p85 (B), p-Akt (C), p-ERK1/2 (D), p-GSK3β (E) in rat hearts exposed to ischemia-reperfusion (IR).

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posted on 2013-10-04, 02:00 authored by Yong Xu, Lei-Lei Ma, Chen Zhou, Fei-Jiang Zhang, Fei-Juan Kong, Wen-Na Wang, Ling-Bo Qian, Can-Can Wang, Xian-Bao Liu, Min Yan, Jian-An Wang

IR: ischemia reperfusion; SPO: sevoflurane postconditioning; IPO: ischemic postconditioning; HC: hypercholesterolemia. Data are mean ± SD, n = 6 hearts/group. *P < 0.05 vs. IR.