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Effects of poly(I:C), LPS, R-837 and iE-DAP on the HASMC viability.

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posted on 2013-07-04, 02:04 authored by Anne Månsson Kvarnhammar, Lotta Tengroth, Mikael Adner, Lars-Olaf Cardell

(A–C) HASMC were cultured for 24, 48 and 72 h in the absence of presence of Pam3CSK4 (1 µg/ml), poly(I:C) (10 µg/ml), LPS (100 ng/ml), R-837 (5 µg/ml) and iE-DAP (10 µg/ml). Proliferation was quantified with AlamarBlue and determined using a spectrophotometer at 570 and 620 nm. Data are depicted as percent reduction compared to untreated control and presented as mean ± SEM (n = 7–8). *, p<0.05.