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Effects of maternal CORT on behavioral, endocrine and immune responses in adult offspring.

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posted on 21.02.2013, 11:44 authored by Simone Macrì, Paolo Pasquali, Luca Tommaso Bonsignore, Stefano Pieretti, Francesca Cirulli, Flavia Chiarotti, Giovanni Laviola

(a) Novelty preference: Mean (+S.E.M.) percentage of time spent in the novel compartment. After 5 min spent in the familiar compartment, a partition was removed, and mice were allowed free-choice access to a novel compartment of the apparatus for a single 20-min session (N = 16 mice per group); (b) Corticosterone levels in basal condition and 25, 60, 120-min following the beginning of a 25-min restraint stress. Inset: corticosterone area under the curve (expressed in mg×min/dl) * p<0.05 compared to H-CORT subjects; (c) Immune response: Colony forming units in the spleen two weeks after a standardised virulent challenge. Data analysis has been performed on Log-transformed values. For the sake of reading, real values are reported in the figure. * p<0.05 compared to AFR controls.