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Effects of feeding NlugOBP3 dsRNA on NlugOBP3 mRNA level (A), survival rate (B), jumping ability (C), and response to rice seedlings (D-E) of BPH nymphs.

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posted on 2011-12-09, 01:37 authored by Peng He, Jin Zhang, Nai-Yong Liu, Ya-Nan Zhang, Ke Yang, Shuang-Lin Dong

CK, nymph fed with normal diet; dsGFP, fed with diet mixed with dsRNA of green fluorescent protein (0.5 mg/ml); dsOBP3, fed with dsRNA of NlugOBP3 (0.5 mg/ml). Data topped with different letters are significant different as determined using a one-way ANOVA (Duncan’s multiple range test, P<0.05). All error bars represent the SE of the mean obtained from at least three independent replicates.