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Effects of different treatment durations on leaf photosynthesis in Populus yunnanensis plantlets under different stresses.

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posted on 2014-09-16, 02:53 authored by Xiong Li, Yunqiang Yang, Xudong Sun, Huaming Lin, Jinhui Chen, Jian Ren, Xiangyang Hu, Yongping Yang

(A) Fv/Fm images (bottom). The pseudocolor code depicted at the bottom of the image ranges from 0 (red) to 1.0 (purple). The experiment was replicated three times with similar results. One representative result is shown. (B) Average Fv/Fm values. Fv/Fm was determined for whole leaves exposed to different treatments. Data represent the means of five replicate experiments (± SE). Means labeled with different letters were significantly different according to Tukey's test (P<0.05). (C) Electron transport rates determined after different durations of exposure to heat and drought stress. The data represent the means of five replicate experiments (± SE).