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Effects of different concentrations of exogenous abscisic acid and NaCl on hrs1-1 germination.

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posted on 24.04.2012, 02:30 authored by Chongming Wu, Juanjuan Feng, Ran Wang, Hong Liu, Huixia Yang, Pedro L. Rodriguez, Huanju Qin, Xin Liu, Daowen Wang

(A, B) The more severe delay of hrs1-1 germination, as compared to that of WT control and two CP lines (CP6-13 and CP23-3), conferred by increasing concentrations of abscisic acid (ABA) or NaCl added to the media. The data shown were recorded after 4 days of germination at 23°C, and are representative of five separate assays. (C, D) Comparisons of the germination rates among WT control, hrs1-1 and CP line (CP6-13) on the media with the indicated concentrations of ABA or NaCl. Each germination rate value (TI, mean ± SD) was calculated using the measurements from triplicate samples after 6 days of germination at 23°C. The higher the value, the more rapid the germination proceeds. The data presented are all representative of three independent experiments, with the additional CP lines (CP19-1 and CP23-3) performing similarly as CP6-13 during the experiments. The means are labeled by different letters or letter combinations according to multiple statistical comparisons, and those labeled by one or more identical letters do not differ significantly from each other (P≤0.05).


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