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Effects of cotransfection with tau and Kv2.1 in HEK293 cells.

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posted on 2015-01-15, 02:52 authored by Xiantao Li, Ximu Hu, Xiaoqing Li, Xuran Hao

(A) QPCR data showed that the induction of tau downregulated the mRNA level of Kv2.1. But no change was produced after the transfection of an empty vector (mock) of tau (n = 8). The * denoted p<0.05 compared with control Kv2.1 (B) The representative current traces of Kv2.1 before and after tau transfection. Currents were evoked by a 500 ms long voltage pulse to potentials from -80 mV to +60 mV at a holding potential of -80 mV. (C) Current–voltage (I-V) relations of Kv2.1 currents in the absence and presence of tau. (D) The statistic analysis of effects of tau transfection on macroscopic Kv2.1 currents in HEK293 cells (n = 8). The * denoted p<0.05 compared with Kv2.1 currents.