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Effects of ammonia exposure on Na+/K+-ATPase α3 (Nkaα3) protein abundance.

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posted on 31.12.2013, 04:48 by Xiu L. Chen, Nicklaus L. J. E. Wee, Kum C. Hiong, Jasmine L. Y. Ong, You R. Chng, Biyun Ching, Wai P. Wong, Shit F. Chew, Yuen K. Ip

Protein abundance of Nkaα3, based on anti-NKAα3 antibody, in the brain of Monopterus albus kept in freshwater (FW; control) or exposed to 50 mmol l−1 NH4Cl for 1 day or 6 days. (A) An example of the immunoblots of Nkaα3 and actin. (B) The intensity of the Nka band normalized with respect to that of actin. Results represent mean+S.E.M. (N = 3). Means not sharing the same letter are significantly different (P<0.05).