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Effects of SmSirt1 transcript knockdown in adult worms.

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posted on 2013-09-12, 03:10 authored by Julien Lancelot, Stéphanie Caby, Florence Dubois-Abdesselem, Mathieu Vanderstraete, Jacques Trolet, Guilherme Oliveira, Franz Bracher, Manfred Jung, Raymond J. Pierce

RNA interference was carried out by the electroporation of adult worms with dsRNA for SmSirt1 or luciferase (negative control) as described in the Methods section. (A) RNAi led to a reduction of about 80% in the level of transcripts for SmSirt1 compared to controls knocked down for the irrelevant luciferase gene. (B) Microscopic examination was carried out 5 days after RNAi treatment as previously. This treatment caused no obvious morphological changes to male worm testes (B) compared to the control (A). Testes are indicated by red arrows. In contrast, RNAi treatment led to a marked increase in mature oocytes in the ovaries (D) compared to the control (C) particularly in the posterior part (MO). A mature oocyte in the anterior part of the ovary (IO), normally containing only immature oocytes (D) is arrowed. Results shown are representative of four independent experiments.