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Effects of PECAM-1−/− deletion on the bone marrow microenvironment.

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posted on 2013-02-21, 10:22 authored by Ewan A. Ross, Sylvie Freeman, Yan Zhao, Tarvinder S. Dhanjal, Emma J. Ross, Sian Lax, Zubair Ahmed, Tie Zheng Hou, Neena Kalia, Stuart Egginton, Gerard Nash, Steve P. Watson, Jon Frampton, Christopher D. Buckley

PECAM-1−/− and WT littermate bone marrow was collected in PBS and analysed for factors important in HSC mobilisation. (A) PECAM-1−/− bone marrow has comparable levels of CXCL12 compared to WT littermates, as measured by ELISA (n = 13). (B) Longitudinal sections of whole murine femora from matched pairs of PECAM-1−/− and WT littermates were immunofluorescently stained for components of the bone marrow microenvironment; CXCL12 (red), VCAM-1 (green) and marrow sinusoidal vessels by endoglin (CD105, blue). Images are representative of at least three pairs of femurs, and images are taken at ×40 magnification. (C.) In-gel zymography demonstrated that PECAM-1−/− bone marrow flushes contained higher levels of MMP-9. Pooled data from 6 litter matched pairs confirmed this to be a significant difference (data shown as the mean±S.D., *p = 0.003).


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