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Effects of BCAA supplementation on apoptosis in rats after 16 weeks of DEN administration.

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posted on 01.11.2013, 03:14 authored by Jung Hoon Cha, Si Hyun Bae, Hye Lim Kim, Na Ri Park, Eun Suk Choi, Eun Sun Jung, Jong Young Choi, Seung Kew Yoon

The relative band intensities of the apoptosis inhibitor markers are shown in the right-hand panels (A). The mRNA expression levels of Mcl-1 and cIAP-1 were determined by RT-PCR (B). The expression levels of p-β-catenin, p-p38 MAPK, PCNA, and caspase-3 protein were determined by Western blotting (C). The expression level of each gene is normalized to those of GAPDH (A and B) and β-actin (C). The lanes contain mRNA (A) and protein (C) samples from three rats per group. Values shown are means ± standard deviation. *P<0.05; **P<0.005; ***P<0.0005.