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Effect of vitamin C on ethanol-induced CYP2A6 expression level and CYP2E1-mediated oxidative stress.

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posted on 20.02.2013, 06:20 by Mengyao Jin, Anil Kumar, Santosh Kumar

(A) CYP2A6 mRNA. (B) CYP2A6 protein. Both mRNA and protein expression levels were determined at 12 h in the presence of 100 mM ethanol treatment (−/+100 µM vitamin C 1 h prior to ethanol treatment). Blots are representative of at least three replicates. For each experiment, the mRNA/protein levels of various treatments were normalized relative to the untreated control, which has been set to 100%. (C) Representative figure of the determination of ROS levels at 2 h ethanol treatment with 0 and 100 µM vitamin C pretreatment for 1 h. The events (cell population) are presented in Y-axis and relative fluorescence intensity is presented in X-axis. (D) Bar graphs of MFI in the presence and absence of ethanol and vitamin C. The mean ± SD was calculated from at least triplicates and significance (p≤0.05; *) was determined using one-way ANOVA. The experiment was repeated three times.