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Effect of species absence on exoenzyme production from model communities using a comparison to predicted production based on single species cultures.

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posted on 23.11.2015, 14:43 authored by Graham G. Willsey, Matthew J. Wargo

Expected values for exoenzyme production were compared to measured value for (A) short-chain lipase activity, (B) long-chain lipase activity, (C) choline-specific phospholipase C activity, and (D) protease activity (from Fig 1). Error bars represent SEM. Samples all compared to ‘Mix’ (first bar) using ANOVA with Dunnett’s post-test. Statistical symbols: * = p < 0.05; ** = p < 0.01. Abbreviations: Ralstonia pickettii (Rp), Cupriavidus metallidurans (Cm), Chryseobacterium gleum (Cg), Ralstonia insidiosa (Ri), Sphingomonas sanguinis (Ss), Burkholderia multivorans (Bm), Phyllobacterium myrsianacearum (Pm), Sphingomonas paucimobilis (Sp), and Burkholderia cepacia (Bc). The Mix-K and–Cg-K denote predictions based on the final population proportion as measured in Table 2.