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Effect of myosin inhibition on the dynamics of actin and MTs.

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posted on 2013-02-20, 19:28 authored by Patrizia Sommi, Dhanya Cheerambathur, Ingrid Brust-Mascher, Alex Mogilner

A) Images from a time-lapse movie of a WT embryo expressing GFP-tubulin injected with rhodamine-actin and the myosin inhibitor Y27632. When myosin is inhibited, actin distribution in prophase changes compared to control showing a less compact and wider distributed actin structure above the nucleus (note the void area). Images are projections of 8–10 confocal planes taken 0.5 µm apart. B) Kymographs (from −250 to −100 seconds before NEB) of prophase embryos injected with rhodamine actin with or without Y27632 confirm that in the absence of myosin the outer edge of the actin cap expands at a faster rate and to a greater width than in control. Same confocal planes taken at the very top of the actin cap were imaged for both actin and MTs. Red, actin; green, tubulin. C) Images from a time-lapse movie of GFP-EB1 expressing embryos injected with rhodamine-actin with and without Y27632 during prophase. Tracking of MT tips shows that both in WT and myosin-inhibited embryos, MT tips uniformly reach the surfaces of both narrower and wider actin caps (EB1-GFP, green; rhodamine-actin, red). Bars, 10 µm.


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