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Effect of miR-107 on CDK5R1 mRNA in polysomal and subpolysomal lysates.

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posted on 2011-05-23, 00:56 authored by Silvia Moncini, Alessandro Salvi, Paola Zuccotti, Gabriella Viero, Alessandro Quattrone, Sergio Barlati, Giuseppina De Petro, Marco Venturin, Paola Riva

qRT-PCR of CDK5R1 mRNA in polysomal and subpolysomal fractions. SK-N-BE cells were transfected with 100 nM pre-miR-107 or anti-miR-107 for 48 h, then the mRNA–ribosomal complexes were separated through sucrose gradient centrifugation. Expression is normalized on the housekeeping Alu transcript. The percentages of the transcript obtained from the two fractions are calculated on the sum of the 2−ΔCt of the mRNA from polysomal and subpolysomal compartments, for pre-miR-107, anti-miR-107 treatments and the control (lipofectamine).


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