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Effect of mAb dose and combination therapy in mice challenged with B. pseudomallei strain 1026b.

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posted on 20.02.2013, 06:20 authored by David P. AuCoin, Dana E. Reed, Nicole L. Marlenee, Richard A. Bowen, Peter Thorkildson, Barbara M. Judy, Alfredo G. Torres, Thomas R. Kozel

Mice were administered mAb(s) by the i.p. route followed 18 h later by i.n. challenge with 15 LD50 of B. pseudomallei. (A) Dose-response experiment in which mice were treated with the doses (µg) listed of each mAb alone. (B) Multiple doses of mAbs 3C5 and 4C7 were administered in combination at the doses (µg) listed. Mice were monitored for 42 days after which gross pathology and spleen cfu were determined on survivors (Table 1). Control mice were not treated with mAb. p values of survival vs. controls are listed in Table 1.