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Effect of kanamycin on expression of PA0082 (hsiA1).

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posted on 08.11.2013, 03:20 by Cerith Jones, Luke Allsopp, Jack Horlick, Hemantha Kulasekara, Alain Filloux

Levels of β-galactosidase activity in PAK carrying chromosomal transcriptional (A) and translational (B) fusions of the hsiA1 gene (PA0082) to lacZ [38] with increasing concentrations of kanamycin as indicated in µg/ml on the x axis. Both fusions introduced in a PAKΔrsmA mutant were included as a positive control showing increased transcription and translation in this background as shown previously [38]. The * indicates a reproducible statistically significant difference (Student’s T test, P<0.05) compared to incubation without kanamycin. (C) Western blot showing induction of Hcp1 production in the translational fusion strain under corresponding kanamycin concentrations.


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