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Effect of eculizumab on L. reclusa associated hemolysis in vitro.

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posted on 27.09.2013, 01:53 by Eric A. Gehrie, Hui Nian, Pampee P. Young

(A) L. reclusa venom sensitized cells are hemolyzed over time when incubated with ABO identical plasma, compared to venom naïve RBCs. (B) This hemolysis is reduced by an average of 79.2% (SD = 18.8%) when eculizumab is added to the assay. (C) Eculizumab was statistically indistinguishable from heat inactivation at all timepoints. Results are averages of 3-4 experiments. Error bar shows results +/- 1 standard deviation. Asterisk indicates statistical significance, p<.001.