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Effect of cultivation parameters on generation times of E. coli K-12 (wild-type), ΔalaA, ΔalaC and ΔavtA strains.

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posted on 11.07.2014, 02:53 by Esther Peña-Soler, Francisco J. Fernandez, Miguel López-Estepa, Fernando Garces, Andrew J. Richardson, Juan F. Quintana, Kenneth E. Rudd, Miquel Coll, M. Cristina Vega

Histogram summarizing the generation times of E. coli K-12 (wild-type strain, WT) and L-alanine aminotransferase single-gene knock-out (KO) strains (ΔalaA, ΔalaC and ΔavtA) in different media under aerobic conditions (with shaking) (A) or under oxygen-limiting conditions (static cultures) (B). Error bars are standard errors from the mean (SEM) derived from N independent assays (N = 3–6). Statistical significance of differences between the generation times of WT and KO strains (under the null hypothesis of no difference) is assessed using a one-tail t-Student test for paired data and is depicted atop the bars according to P-value (P>0.05, no label; P<0.05, *; P<0.01, **; P<0.001, ***).