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Effect of SARS-CoV E protein on stress induced by SARS-CoV infection.

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posted on 20.10.2011, 00:44 by Marta L. DeDiego, Jose L. Nieto-Torres, Jose M. Jiménez-Guardeño, Jose A. Regla-Nava, Enrique Álvarez, Juan Carlos Oliveros, Jincun Zhao, Craig Fett, Stanley Perlman, Luis Enjuanes

Vero E6 cells infected at an moi of 0.5 with rSARS-CoV-ΔE-P1 or rSARS-CoV were transfected with a plasmid expressing E protein (E+) or with the empty plasmid (E) as control. (A) Accumulation of SARS-CoV E protein and GAPDH as a loading control, at 15 and 22 hpi were evaluated by Western blot. (B) Virus titers in the presence or absence of E protein provided in trans were evaluated at 15 and 22 hpi. (C) At 22 hpi, cellular RNAs were extracted, and the expression of the stress-induced genes hspA1A, hsp90AA1, hspH1, SERPINH1, and hspE1, and that of polQ and 18S rRNA, as controls, were analyzed by qRT-PCR. In each case, the expression levels of mRNAs encoding representative cell stress proteins were evaluated in rSARS-CoV-ΔE-P1-infected cells in relation to rSARS-CoV-infected cells. Bars represent standard deviations of the mean from three experiments.


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