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Effect of PEG-8000 on tongue mucosal EGFR and cyclin D1 expression in 4 NQO-treated rats –The tongue sections were subjected to immunohistochemical analyses to assess changes in EGFR and Cyclin D1 expressions.

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posted on 2013-02-20, 04:19 authored by Ramesh K. Wali, Dhananjay P. Kunte, Mart De La Cruz, Ashish K. Tiwari, Jeffrey Brasky, Christopher R. Weber, Tina P. Gibson, Amir Patel, Suzana D. Savkovic, Bruce E. Brockstein, Hemant K. Roy

As shown (left Panel - Figure 3A and 3B), baseline EGFR expression in the tongue mucosa of 4NQO-rats was higher than that of control rats (p<0.00001). Topical application of PEG however, caused a significant decline in the expression of EGFR (p<0.005). Furthermore, topical PEG application to 4-NQO rats caused similar effects on the expression of Cyclin D1, one of the downstream effectors of EGFR (right Panel - Figure 3A and 3B).