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Effect of ABA deficiency on the expansion of hypocotyl cells.

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posted on 19.02.2015, 02:43 by Jan F. Humplík, Véronique Bergougnoux, Michaela Jandová, Jan Šimura, Aleš Pěnčík, Ondřej Tomanec, Jakub Rolčík, Ondřej Novák, Martin Fellner

The influence of ABA on the elongation of epidermal cells of etiolated hypocotyls in sit and WT (cv. Rheinlands Ruhm) was investigated using SEM imaging analysis. Triangles represent all measured values (n = 471) for each genotype. The bars within the boxes indicate the median values in each case, while the boxes’ upper and lower boundaries indicate the boundaries of the first and third quartiles. The Mann-Whitney test was used to prove statistical significance (p < 0.01).