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Effect of 5Hz rTMS over the SMA on the Relationship between ICF and Sense of Effort Following Fatigue.

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posted on 09.02.2016, 09:23 by Simon A. Sharples, Jason A. Gould, Michael S. Vandenberk, Jayne M. Kalmar

Following fatigue, and in the absence of rTMS, there was no relationship between intracortical facilitation and sense of force using the first (a1;C) or second(a3; A) rate constants of the sense of effort contraction however a strong relationship developed following high frequency rTMS of the supplementary motor area (B&D). Sense of force is displayed on the y axes using either the inverse of the first (a1) or second (a3) rate constants of the sense of effort contraction where a lower value represents increased rate of decline and greater sense of force. Intracortical facilitation is displayed on the x axis as the ratio between conditioned MEP and unconditioned MEP.