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Effect SB203580 of on Ox-LDL-induced mineralization in cultured VSMCs (n = 3).

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posted on 2013-12-16, 04:01 authored by Lizhen Liao, Qin Zhou, Yan Song, Weikang Wu, Huimin Yu, Sheng Wang, Yanling Chen, Meihong Ye, Lihe Lu

Cells were grown in control medium (in DMSO), 50 µg/ml Ox-LDL alone (in DMSO), 50 µg/ml Ox-LDL supplemented with 5 µM SB203580 (in DMSO), 5 µM C2-ceramide alone (in DMSO) or 5 µM C2-ceramide supplemented with 5 µM SB203580 (in DMSO) for 24 hours. (A) p-p38 MAPK protein levels were detected by immunoblot analysis. (B) The percentage of apoptotic cells was then assessed. (C) Caspase-3 activity was measured in a parallel experiment. Cells were treated with SB203580 in the presence of Ox-LDL for 7 days. (D) The calcium content was measured using ocresolphthalein complexone method. (E) Msx2 mRNA expression was determined by quantitative real-time PCR after cells were treated with/without SB203580. *p<0.01.