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E-cadherin expression is abnormally elevated in secretory stage N-cadherin cKO ameloblasts.

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posted on 2014-07-11, 03:33 authored by Xiaomu Guan, Felicitas B. Bidlack, Nicole Stokes, John D. Bartlett

Immunohistochemical staining with pan-cadherin (total cadherin) or E-cadherin antibodies was performed on sectioned incisors from WT and N-cadherin cKO mice. For the pan-cadherin antibody, both genotypes stained pre-secretory and secretory stage ameloblasts with no apparent difference in staining intensity observed between WT and N-cadherin cKO ameloblasts. This indicates that total cadherin levels were similar between genotypes. E-cadherin stained well in the WT pre-secretory stage ameloblasts and faded as the ameloblasts entered the secretory stage. In contrast, E-cadherin staining in the N-cadherin cKO sample remained strong from the pre-secretory stage through the secretory stage.