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ESI-CID-MS analysis of iturin A (m/z 1043.35) and plipastatin A (m/z 1463.90).

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posted on 2015-02-17, 03:21 authored by An-Dong Gong, He-Ping Li, Qing-Song Yuan, Xiu-Shi Song, Wei Yao, Wei-Jie He, Jing-Bo Zhang, Yu-Cai Liao

CID spectrum of precursor ion of iturin at m/z 1043.35 (A), and the theoretical b-type and y-type fragment ions dissociated from ring-opening reactions at Gln-Pro (B, top panel) and Asn-Tyr (B, bottom panel). CID spectrum of precursor ion of plipastatin A at m/z 1463.90 (C), and common breakage and two typical fingerprint ions for identification of plipastatin A (D, top panel) and plipastatin B (D, bottom panel) molecules. Carbon number in acyl acid chains for iturin A (m/z 1043.35) is 14 (βAA), and for plipastatin A (m/z 1463.90) is 16 (n = 13).