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Dynamic force spectroscopy.

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posted on 27.03.2014, 03:55 by Dagmar Fichtner, Bärbel Lorenz, Sinem Engin, Christina Deichmann, Marieelen Oelkers, Andreas Janshoff, Andre Menke, Doris Wedlich, Clemens M. Franz

(A) Rupture force distributions obtained at different retraction speeds for the homotypic E1-5 bond rupture. (B) Rupture force Ff as a function of loading rate for homotypic E1-5 (green symbols) or heteromeric E1-2/E1-5 bond rupture (orange symbols). The different symbols represent the maxima identified in the multimodal distribution of rupture force obtained for a given loading rate. For the homotypic E1-5 bond we determined xu  =  1.1 nm and koff  =  1.2 × 10−4 s−1 (green circles); xu  =  2.3 nm and koff  =  1.4 × 10−5 s−1 (green triangles). For the heteromeric E1-5/E1-2 bond we determined xu  =  4.5 nm and koff  =  5.9 × 10−7 s−1 (yellow triangles). The violet stars indicate data taken from [41].