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During the EBV lytic cycle, ZEBRA and translocated PABPC spare nucleoli, whereas BGLF5 is enriched in nucleoli.

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posted on 04.04.2014, 03:54 by Richard Park, Ayman El-Guindy, Lee Heston, Su-Fang Lin, Kuan-Ping Yu, Mate Nagy, Sumit Borah, Henri-Jacques Delecluse, Joan Steitz, George Miller

2089 cells were transfected with ZEBRA to induce the lytic phase. Cells were fixed and stained with antibodies specific for ZEBRA, nucleolin, PABPC, or BGLF5, and fluorophore-conjugated secondary antibodies. Blue arrows in [iv-vi] and [vii-ix] indicate cells in which PABPC localized to the nucleus. Each of the following sets of panels depicts the same field of view: [i-iii], [iv-vi], [vii-ix], [x-xii], [xiii-xv]. Reference bar in each panel equals 10 μM in length.