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Drought-induced leaf dehydration in soybean transgenic and WT lines.

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posted on 2014-01-29, 02:51 authored by Humberto H. Carvalho, Otávio J. B. Brustolini, Maiana R. Pimenta, Giselle C. Mendes, Bianca C. Gouveia, Priscila A. Silva, José Cleydson F. Silva, Clenilso S. Mota, Juliana R. L. Soares-Ramos, Elizabeth P. B. Fontes

(A) Drought stress was induced by reducing irrigation to 40% of the daily normal water supply. Leaf water potential was measured by using a Scholander pump. The leaf ψw of stressed wild-type plants declined to a maximum stress of −2.0 MPa, whereas the leaf ψw of transgenic plants did not decrease below −1.5 MPa. The bars represent confidence intervals (p≤0.05, n = 4). (B) Leaves were photographed on day 19 of the experiment, when 35S::BiP-4 and 35S::BiP-2 leaves displayed ψw = −0.6 MPa, whereas WT leaves presented a ψw = −1.0 MPa.