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Dosage effect of the TBSV-encoded P19 RNA silencing suppressor on transient expression of the EYFP reporter gene in sugarcane young leaf segments.

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posted on 14.06.2013 by San-Ji Gao, Mona B. Damaj, Jong-Won Park, Getu Beyene, Marco T. Buenrostro-Nava, Joe Molina, Xiaofeng Wang, Jessica J. Ciomperlik, Shuga A. Manabayeva, Veria Y. Alvarado, Keerti S. Rathore, Herman B. Scholthof, T. Erik Mirkov

EYFP (pUbi:EYFP:Tnos; Figure S3) (0.25 µg per shot) was co-bombarded with each of five concentrations of P19 DNA (pUbi:P19:Tnos; Figure S3), and EYFP expression as measured by foci count (a) and expression level (b) was monitored for 120 h post-bombardment of sugarcane young leaf segments (3 day-pre-cultured). Vector with no suppressor (pUbi:Tnos; Figure S3) was used as a negative control. Values represent two independent experiments and ten technical repeats, and are reported with the standard error. Quantitation of EYFP foci counts and expression levels is provided in Materials and Methods.