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Diurnal variations of (a) modeled irradiance, (b) leaf area index and (c) canopy stomatal conductance at leaf area index (LAI) = 5.0.

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posted on 2014-04-21, 09:59 authored by Risheng Ding, Shaozhong Kang, Taisheng Du, Xinmei Hao, Yanqun Zhang

Qo is the total irradiance above the canopy, Qc is the irradiance absorbed by the entire canopy, and is separated into the irradiance absorbed by the sunlit leaves of the canopy (Qsl) and irradiance absorbed by the shaded leaves of the canopy (Qsh). LAIsl and LAIsh are the sunlit and shaded fractions of LAI, respectively. Gsc1 and Gsc2 are the canopy stomatal conductance calculated by the big-leaf and dual-leaf models, respectively; Gsc2 is separated into the sunlit and shaded canopy stomatal resistance, Gsl and Gsh, respectively.