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Diurnal plasma cortisol concentrations in primiparous sows on GD 92.

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posted on 19.02.2013 by Ellen Kanitz, Winfried Otten, Margret Tuchscherer, Maria Gräbner, Klaus-Peter Brüssow, Charlotte Rehfeldt, Cornelia C. Metges

Sows were fed diets with adequate (AP, 12.1%; n = 9), high (HP, 30%; n = 9) or low (LP, 6.5%; n = 9) protein concentrations throughout gestation. Cortisol concentrations were measured over a 24-h period beginning on GD 92. Values are LS means ± SE. The calculated AUC of the HP and LP sows displayed higher cortisol concentrations over 24 h compared to the AP sows (P<0.05).