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Distribution of QTLs for sesame seed color trait on our seame high-density genetic linkage map.

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posted on 21.05.2013, 01:30 by Haiyang Zhang, Hongmei Miao, Libin Wei, Chun Li, Ruihong Zhao, Cuiying Wang

653 marker loci were distributed across the 14 linkage groups of our high-density genetic linkage map at an LOD threshold of 6.0. The cM distance of markers is shown on the left side of each LG. The name, amplicant length (bp) and band number of each marker are shown on the right side of each linkage group. An LOD peak value of >2.5 was considered to indicated a significant QTL interval. The four QTLs identified using two programs are designated as follows: winQTL-1, winQTL-2 and winQTL-3 represent the QTL loci from the F2 population and F3 families (Yuanyang) and F3 families (Pingyu), respectively using the winQTLCart program. QTLnet-1, QTLnet-2 and QTLnet-3 represent the QTL loci from the F2 and F3 family (Yuanyang) and F3 family (Pingyu), respectively, using networks program.