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Distance travelled.

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posted on 2013-02-19, 23:13 authored by Craig P. Motbey, Emily Karanges, Kong M. Li, Shane Wilkinson, Adam R. Winstock, John Ramsay, Callum Hicks, Michael D. Kendig, Naomi Wyatt, Paul D. Callaghan, Iain S. McGregor

Locomotor activity in the hour following dosing in rats given their first or tenth daily dose of methamphetamine (METH, 2.5 mg/kg) or mephedrone (MMC, 30 mg/kg). Error bars represent + S.E.M. On the first day (Figure 2A), the two drug treated groups (MMC×10 and METH×10) travelled greater distance than the three vehicle-treated groups (P<0.01, indicated by ++). On day 10 (Figure 2B) both the combined METH groups and the combined MMC groups travelled greater distance than the VEH group (P<0.01, indicated by *). A logarithmic transformation was applied to the data due to heterogeneity of variance.