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Disruption of PiT1 in MEFs does not affect Na+-Pi cotransport but leads to reduced proliferation.

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posted on 10.02.2010, 01:21 authored by Laurent Beck, Christine Leroy, Sarah Beck-Cormier, Anne Forand, Christine Salaün, Nadine Paris, Adeline Bernier, Pablo Ureña-Torres, Dominique Prié, Mario Ollero, Laure Coulombel, Gérard Friedlander

(A) MEFs proliferation curve. PiT1Δ5/Δ5 MEFs display a mean doubling time of 38 h, whereas PiT1+/+ and PiT1Δ5/+ MEFs had a growth rate of 18 h and 20 h, respectively. (B) Na+-Pi uptake in MEFs. Disruption of PiT1 in MEFs does not modify the overall Pi uptake. (C) Quantification of the expression of PiT1 and PiT2 mRNAs in PiT1+/+ and PiT1Δ5/Δ5 MEFs by real-time RT-PCR. Note the 1.8-fold overexpression of PiT2 mRNA in PiT1-null MEFs. * and # indicate significant differences as compared to wild-type controls with P<0.05 and P<0.001, respectively (Student's t test).


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