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Displayed conduits across the left bridging septa to the subcapsular space.

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posted on 17.04.2013, 01:18 by Haotong Xu, Xiaoming Zhang, Andreas Christe, Lukas Ebner, Shaoxiang Zhang, Zhulin Luo, Yi Wu, Yin Li, Fuzhou Tian

(A) The left perirenal bridging septa may provide a latent channel for renal subcapsular fluid to spread to the fascial planes (white arrows). Conversely, these pathways may be recruited to drain pancreatic fluid from the fascial planes to the subcapsular space in acute pancreatitis (black arrows). (B) A 61-year-old man with carcinoma at the pancreatic head, which led to secondary pancreatitis. The pancreatic fluid extends along the left bridging septa to the subcapsular space (black arrows).