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Differential localization of viral antigen in spleens of primed and mock primed Cl13 infected mice.

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posted on 08.01.2015, 03:30 by Brian M. Sullivan, John R. Teijaro, Juan Carlos de la Torre, Michael B. A. Oldstone

C57Bl6/J mice (n = 3/group) were primed, infected and spleens were harvested as in Fig. 4 at 72 hours post-infection. Spleens were flash frozen in OCT and 6–8 µm sections were prepared and stained with a guinea pig serum to LCMV GPC (green). Splenic microarchitecture was assessed by visualization of mellalophilic macrophages using anti mouse MOMA-1 antibodies (red). Sections from two mice/group are shown here and are representative of the group as a whole. Data are from one of two independent experiments.