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Differential control of target mRNAs by the synthetic MicA variants.

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posted on 22.01.2013, 01:07 by José Marques Andrade, Vânia Pobre, Cecília Maria Arraiano

Northern blot analysis of ompA, tsx, ecnB and MicA transcripts. Total RNA was extracted from stationary phase cultures of ΔmicA cells transformed with a low copy number based plasmid (pWSK29) expressing either the wild-type copy of MicA or one of the mutated variants described in this work. Plasmids used were: pWSK29 (lane 1), pMicA-WT (lane 2), pMicA-5′mut (lane 3), pMicA-STEM1 (lane 4), pMicA-STEM2 (lane 5), pMicA-STEM1_2 (lane 6), pMicA-hfq (lane 7) and pMicA-3′mut2 (lane 8). 23S was used as loading control for the ompA and tsx transcripts (analysis from agarose Northern blots) while 5S was used as loading control for ecnB and MicA RNAs (analysis from polyacrylamide Northern blots).


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