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Different expression level of IQGAP1 and β-catenin in HCTs and PLTs.

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posted on 07.08.2015, 04:02 by Xuewen Jin, Yuling Liu, Jingjing Liu, Weiliang Lu, Ziwei Liang, Dan Zhang, Gang Liu, Hongxia Zhu, Ningzhi Xu, Shufang Liang

The negative, weak, moderate and strong staining activity of IQGAP1 was respectively shown in HCTs (A-D) and PLTs (I-L). IQGAP1 located in cytoplasm and cell membrane in HCTs (D), and IQGAP1 was observed in cytoplasm in PLTs (L). The β-catenin with negative, weak, moderate and strong staining activity was respectively detected in HCTs (E-H) and PLTs (M-P). The expression of β-catenin located in cell membrane (G), cytoplasm and nucleus (H) in HCTs, while it mainly located in cell membrane (O) and cytoplasm (P) in PLTs. Scale bar represents 50 μm (original magnification×400). HCTs: hepatocellular carcinoma tissues. PLTs: para-cancerous liver tissues.