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Different degrees of bone remodeling in Hipparion concudense.

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posted on 2014-08-06, 03:27 authored by Cayetana Martinez-Maza, Maria Teresa Alberdi, Manuel Nieto-Diaz, José Luis Prado

The figure shows different degrees of bone remodeling (a) specimen 30657-355x (Mc, LVF) shows a primary cortical bone with no secondary osteons; (b) specimen 67917 (Mt, LVF) shows an increase in bone remodeling; secondary osteons appear in the layer of woven bone tissue among rows of primary osteons (black arrows indicate a row of secondary osteons); (c) the cortical bone in specimen 30613-599x (Mt, LVF) is highly remodelled. Mt: metatarsal; Mc: metacarpal. Scale bar: 500 µm. (d) The graph shows the general increase in secondary osteon density in the ontogeny and differences between populations. The metatarsals from Concud are more remodelled than the metacarpals, whereas the metatarsals from LVF show a peculiar bimodal distribution.