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Diamide Susceptibility.

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posted on 04.04.2014, 03:54 by Amanda McGillivray, Nadia Abrahams Golden, Uma Shankar Gautam, Smriti Mehra, Deepak Kaushal

a.) Disc diffusion assay was performed using discs containing 20 μmol diamide. The zone of inhibition of Mtb:ΔRv2745c (red bar) is significantly larger when compared to both Mtb (blue bar) and Mtb:ΔRv2745c (comp) (green bar) indicating that the isogenic mutant is more susceptible to redox stress. n = 3. *p<0.001 b.) OD graph of diamide treated cultures. In the initial stages of treatment, there is no significant difference in growth between the different groups.