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Devices for BART assays and different formats of BART data output.

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posted on 30.11.2010, 01:52 by Olga A. Gandelman, Vicki L. Church, Cathy A. Moore, Guy Kiddle, Christopher A. Carne, Surendra Parmar, Hamid Jalal, Laurence C. Tisi, James A. H. Murray

(A) Original laboratory set-up for BART used in the research presented in this paper. (B–D) Later designs of custom equipment for BART assays. High-throughput CCD-camera based system for laboratory use available in 96/384-well format. (B) Exploded diagram and picture (C) of the CCD-camera-based device: 1 – light box, 2 – CCD-camera, 3- samples in standard 0.2 ml PCR tubes or 8-well strips or 96-well plate, 4 – heating block. (D) Portable diode-based device for one or two 8-well strips. (E) Graphical representation of the data for a dilution series: red – 1 ng, orange – 100 pg, green – 10 pg, blue – 1 pg, black - NTC. (F) Corresponding images of LAMP-BART reactions taken at 10 (a), 21 (b), 24 (c), 25 (d), 26 (e) and 30 min (f): top row – ChAT DNA dilution series with the decreasing amount of template 1 ng, 100 pg, 10 pg, 1 pg (left to right); bottom row – no-template control.