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Determination of viral loads in HIV-infected subjects (A) and HIV-infected macrophages (B).

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posted on 16.04.2015 by Anusha Ande, Carole McArthur, Leo Ayuk, Charles Awasom, Paul Ngang Achu, Annette Njinda, Namita Sinha, P. S. S. Rao, Marisela Agudelo, Anantha Ram Nookala, Stephen Simon, Anil Kumar, Santosh Kumar

The viral loads in the plasma of human subjects and macrophages were determined by analyzing HIV RNA using q-RTPCR and p24 using ELISA, respectively. The data for in vitro assay (B) represents mean of multiple analysis of p24 titer obtained from HIV-infected macrophages from three different donors. The p values (# and ** represent p≤0.1 and p≤0.01, respectively) are calculated using one way-ANOVA and presented in the graph.