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Detergent wettable phenotype of ΔpdeH and ΔpdeHΔpdeL mutants.

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posted on 2011-02-28, 01:33 authored by Haifeng Zhang, Kaiyue Liu, Xing Zhang, Wei Tang, Jiansheng Wang, Min Guo, Qian Zhao, Xiaobo Zheng, Ping Wang, Zhengguang Zhang

(A) Ten microliters of water or detergent solution containing 0.02% SDS and 5 mM EDTA were placed on the colony surfaces of the wild type and mutants strains and photographed after 5 min. (B) Expression analysis of MPG1 gene in wild type and mutant strains. The error bars indicate SD of three replicates. Asterisk indicates significant differences at P = 0.01.