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Detection of persistent infection of MusPV1 despite absence of papilloma.

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posted on 23.10.2015, 02:49 by Joshua W. Wang, Rosie Jiang, Shiwen Peng, Yung-Nien Chang, Chien-Fu Hung, Richard B. S. Roden

Schedules of T cell depletion using anti-CD4/CD8/CD3 monoclonal antibody and the timing of MusPV1 challenge and virus measurements in BALB/c mice. Challenge of nude mice was used as a positive control (A). MusPV1 E6/E7 transcripts were detected in wart bearing nude mice (B) but not wildtype infected mice (no depletion) (C). Low levels of MusPV1 E6/E7 transcripts were present in CD4+ T cell-depleted mice (D), but not those depleted of CD8+ T cells (E).