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Details of squamation and granulation structures seen in †Kenyaichthys nov. gen.

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posted on 2015-04-29, 04:31 authored by Melanie Altner, Bettina Reichenbacher

A Cycloid scales on the pectoral girdle of †Kenyaichthys cf. kipkechi (1223R´04), right lateral view (arrow points anteriorly); B Reconstruction of a cycloid scale on the operculum (based on paratype of †K. kipkechi sp. nov., specimen 1237R(1)´04), mirrored for better comparison (arrow points anteriorly). C Granulation (arrow) on neural spine of caudal vertebra no. 10 (based on †K. kipkechi sp. nov., paratype 1147´04), right lateral view.