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Detailed view on the differential expression of the mfsR operon in P. putida ICEclc wild-type or mutants.

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posted on 19.06.2014, 15:19 by Nicolas Pradervand, Sandra Sulser, François Delavat, Ryo Miyazaki, Iker Lamas, Jan Roelof van der Meer

(A) MarR deletion mutant versus wild-type. (B) mfsR deletion mutant versus wild type. (C) tciR deletion mutant versus wild-type. (D) mfsR-'marR deletion mutant versus wild-type. (E) marR versus tciR deletions. (F) mfsR-transposon insertion mutant versus wild-type. Panels show 2log-fold change of expression level per microarray probe in this region of ICEclc for exponential (dark dots) and stationary phase cells (white dots). Genetic map of the region drawn at the bottom of each section for clarity. Arrows represent genes, deleted regions are indicated by stippled bars and corresponding probes are within brackets.