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Description of AAVs containing OXT promoter deletion constructs used in this study.

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posted on 21.02.2012, 02:45 authored by Raymond L. Fields, Todd A. Ponzio, Makoto Kawasaki, Harold Gainer

A. Shows plasmid pFBGR, which was used for making all constructs, this plasmid contains the AAV left and right inverted terminal repeats (ITR). B. shows diagrams of constructs made containing sequences 568, 440, 325, 216, 100, and 50 bp upstream of the transcription start site of the OXT gene. These constructs contained all the three exons and two introns in the OXT gene and with the EGFP reporter inserted at the end of the coding region of exon III, followed by 768 bp downstream of OXT exon III. All constructs were placed into pFBGR between the XbaI sites after removal of the 2291 bp XbaI band (see panel A).