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Depletion of SP-R210L differentially enhances expression of innate immune receptors in macrophages.

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posted on 12.05.2015, 02:54 authored by Linlin Yang, Marykate Carrillo, Yuchieh M. Wu, Susan L. DiAngelo, Patricia Silveyra, Todd M. Umstead, E. Scott Halstead, Michael L. Davies, Sanmei Hu, Joanna Floros, Francis X. McCormack, Neil D. Christensen, Zissis C. Chroneos

Control and SP-R210L(DN) cells were analyzed by flow cytometry using indicated APC (A) or PE-conjugated antibodies (B, C) (n = 4–8). (D) mRNA levels of indicated receptors in SP-R210L(DN) cells relative to control cells were determined by qRT-PCR (n = 4 independent experiments performed in duplicate, **p<0.02, ***p<0.005).