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Dependence of relative error of the parameter estimates on the stimulation protocol.

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posted on 29.12.2011, 02:36 authored by Andrey R. Stepanyuk, Anya L. Borisyuk, Pavel V. Belan

Significance of local time correlations. For each parameter (indicated on the top) points on the left correspond to the deviation of its initial values from the true ones; points on the right correspond to the deviation of parameter estimates, evaluated by the respective method, from their true values. Black lines denote that parameters were estimated from a set of 200 currents generated with the brief stimulation protocol without preincubation with GABA. Blue lines denote that parameters were estimated for a set of currents generated using brief stimulation protocol with (100 currents) and without (100 currents) preincubation with GABA. Red lines denote the case when the local time correlations were disregarded (100 currents with and 100 currents without preincubation). In the latter case, the likelihood function was calculated using the covariance matrix with all off-diagonal elements substituted by zeros [21].